Explosion-Resistant Blankets


1. Basic Information about Sinty’s Explosion-Resistant Blankets

Our explosion-resistant blankets are made using a special high-tech process that incorporates Sinty’s UHMWPE fiber and other composite material to create blanket-shape explosion-resistant equipment. This product employs an advanced double-enclosure structure and features a water-resistant external coating. The blanket effectively prevents damage from the effects of explosions caused by 82-2 type grenades. The blanket can protect objects near the explosion center from being injured, and it is an important ballistic-resistant device. 

2. The Composition and Size of Sinty’s Explosion-Resistant Blankets

Blanket: UD fabric made of UHMWPE fiber and other composite material

Enclosure: UD fabric made of UHMWPE fiber and other composite material

Size: blanket 1200x1200(mm), 1600x1600(mm)

Inside fence: 300x420(mm); Outside fence: 144x600(mm)

3. How to Apply Sinty’s Explosion-Resistant Blankets

First, cover the suspected explosives with the explosion-resistant enclosure at first, making sure that the explosive is located at the center of the enclosure. Then, apply the explosion-resistant blanket cover and align the center of the blanket with the center of the enclosure. 

Note: After an explosion, the explosion-resistant blanket should not be used again.

4. Applications for Sinty’s Explosion-Resistant Blankets

Sinty’s explosion-resistant blankets are applicable in any situations that requires explosion protection, especially those that take place in crowded public places, such as banks, security escorts, subways, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, hotels, cinemas, theatres, and stadiums. It is also an essential piece of equipment for people working in public security, armed police, civil aviation, railways, ports, customs, and so on.

5. The Protective Effect of Sinty’s Explosion-Resistant Blankets

If an 82-2 grenade explodes underneath one of Sinty’s explosion-resistant blankets and enclosure, we guarantee that people who are 1 meter or more from the explosion’s center will not receive deadly injuries. When 200g of TNT detonates, the blanket protects everyone who is 1 meter or more from the explosion center from deadly injury.

In addition to the roller bag type of explosion-resistant blankets, Sinty can also supply customized explosion-resistant blankets, such as barrel types, rod box types, and portable explosion-resistant blankets.

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