Ballistic Plate Inserts



Our ballistic plate inserts, which offer customized levels of protection, are made through a special high-tech process that utilizes Sinty’s UHMWPE UD fabric. We can design and produce inserts of different specifications according to body curve.

Appearance: frosted, single-curved surface, and multi-curved surface.


Materials: Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, PE, steel plate, and a variety of optional materials.

Specifications: 300×250×16mm, 200×250×16mm, 300×250×18mm, etc.

Bulletproof level:

4~6 level of

GA141-2010 Police Bulletproof Vest

Product Features:

1) Excellent bulletproof protection and high energy absorption capacity

2) Waterproof and resistant to deformation

3) Stable and resistant to aging, offering a long service lifetime

4) Low density and very easy to install and disassemble

Application Areas:

Our ballistic plate inserts are usually placed in the front or back of body armor in order to improve the armor’s ballistic protection. They are also used widely in armored vehicles, planes, and ships. Armored vehicles can be equipped with ballistic inserts. Because of their low density, it’s unnecessary to change the door pivot or the door itself when installing the inserts in doors. The inserts can also be removed to be re-used after the vehicles are retired. Additionally, the door can be uninstalled and re-used with the inserts. Our thermoplastic inserts are easy to produce on standard equipment.

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