Stab-Resistant Vests



1. Brief Introduction to Sinty’s Stab-Resistant Vests

Sinty’s stab-resistant vests, also known as Sinty’s stab armor, blade-resistant body armor, or blade-proof clothes, are made of our UHMWPE fiber and other composite materials. These vests can protect people from cutting, slashing, stabbing, or scratching by objects with sharp edges, and they are resistant to water, UV, chemical corrosion, and abrasion.

2. Composition of Sinty’s Stab-Resistant Vests

The vests consist of two parts: Coat and puncture-proof bladder. The 2 parts are joined together with the fastening, and users can adjust the 2 parts according to body size. The fabric of the outer coat is waterproof, and the puncture-proof bladder is a mixture of buffer material and puncture-proof material. One side touches the skin, and the other side prevents stabbing. The coat can be detached from the puncture-proof bladder. The coat should not be washed at a high temperature, and the bladder should not be wash and should be protected from chemical corrosion.

3. Features of Sinty’s Stab-Resistant Vests

1) Cutting resistance: Specially woven structure and excellent performance of UHMWPE fiber make the vests cut-resistant.

2) Slashing resistance: The woven UHMWPE fiber with low density and a special production process make the vest soft and resistant to slashing.

3) Stabbing resistance: Its resistance capacity to stabbing is more than 500 Newtons.

4) Anti-theft capacity: It can prevent items inside the vest pocket from being stolen because the stab-resistant layer of the blade cannot be cut easily.

5) High strength: The seams with double UHMWPE stitching and high cutting resistance make it difficult to damage or tear.

6) Large protection area: about 0.3 square meter

7) Low weight: About 1.5kg, with excellent mobility, it can be customized according to customer requirements.

4. Applications for Sinty’s Stab Armor

Our stab-resistant vests follow the "GA68-2008 Police Body Armor standard of Public Security Ministry of PRC”. They are used widely in public security, industry and commerce, urban management, aviation, transportation, and more.

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