Bulletproof Vests



Sinty’s bulletproof vest is made of UHMWPE-composite UD fabric. The flexible and long molecular chain of UHMWPE fiber quickly disperses the impact energy of bullets to a larger area, thus reducing the depth of depression on the vest and decreasing the risk of non-penetrating injuries.


1) Resistant to wear and wear; high color fastness

2) Diverse cover materials and styles

3) Low density and extremely excellent protective performance

4) Resistant to water and UV

5) Level of protection can be significantly improved after adding a low-weight insert or a steel bulletproof insert


Specifications:large (L), medium (M), and trumpet (S)

Structure:black jacket, protective cover, bulletproof layer, and buffer layer

Material:UHMWPE composite UD fabric

Weight / protection area: large (L), approx. 3.0kg / 0.3; medium (M), approx. 2.80kg / 0.28; trumpet (S), approx. 2.5kg / 0.25.

Bulletproof performance: Domestic GA141-2010 and American NIJ0101.06

Working temperature: -22~55

Lifetime: 5 years in use, 8 years in storage


Consignment guard, workers in armed conflict areas, public security, night car drivers, and other related safety industries. It also can be used as a home emergency self-defense product.

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