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Sinty’s UD fabric is made of two plies of unidirectional UHMWPE fiber, which is the substrate. First, each ply is spread out using high-tech equipment. Then, the two plies are glued together using a high-strength and high-elastic resin, which is dipped with gumming and thin film. Next, the two plies are pressed in 90°, and we get Sinty’s non-intersecting and unidirectional fabric. The outward feature is thin fabric slices. The unidirectional and non-intersecting fabric is an ideal composite material with the highest impact resistance of any fabric. Sinty’s UD fabric is suitable for ballistic material. First, the fabric causes the bullet fragments that form after the breakage of a projectile to bounce off. Second, it rapidly transmits the kinetic energy of bullets to a larger area, sharply decreasing the energy of the impact in a short time.

Reasons for choosing Sinty’s UD fabric:

1) Good radiation and UV resistance.

2) Excellent resistance to acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion.

3) Smooth surface; low friction coefficient; not easy to fluff.

4) The elongation at break is 3.5%, and the bending fatigue resistance is much better than that of Kevlar.

5) Extremely high resistance to cutting and abrasion, while the heat stability is not good, and the melting point is above 135 .

6)The density of the fiber is 0.97, which is much lower than other materials.

7) The strength is 40% higher than that of Kevlar fiber and 2 times greater than carbon fiber; it is the highest of the chemical fibers.


Bulletproof Material: Soft body armor, lightweight bulletproof helmet, and bulletproof armor plate; Anti-puncture and anti-cutting clothing; special anti-explosion facilities, etc.

Medical Field: Plywood, bandages, artificial respirator, etc.

Chemical Field: Three-dimensional horizontal storage tank, pipe, workstation, etc.

Military Field: Protective armor for aircrafts, cars, large caliber artilleries, tank load wheels, etc.

Other Fields: Reinforced precursor for construction and scabbard, etc.

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