Sinty’s ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber is made from PE power with a molecular weight of more than 5 million amu. The fiber is produced with the gel spinning process, which offers maximum strength and minimum density because of its inherently high orientation and crystallization. UHMWPE fiber is ranked with carbon fiber and aramid fiber as the world’s top three high-performance special fibers, and it is known as “the king of the fibers.”


 1) High strength and high modulus

2) Low density; the fiber can float on water

3) Resistant to the effects of salt water, acid, alkali, and most other chemicals

4) Resistant to fatigue from stretching and bending; features a long flexibility lifetime

5) Low elongation at break; high breaking strength; outstanding cut resistance

6) Excellent thermal conductivity; coolness sensation is at least 2 times that of other materials

7) High UV, neutron and γ-ray resistance; low dielectric constant; high electromagnetic wave transmittance

8) Excellent impact resistance; high impact absorption capacity that is nearly 2 times greater than aramid; high abrasion resistance and low friction coefficient

Main Applications:

Bulletproof ArmorBody armor, bomb suppression blanket, ballistic helmet, ballistic plate, etc.

Oceaneering: Drilling platform, anchor cable, towrope, mooring rope, terminal hoisting rope, etc.

Industrial Applications: Cut-resistant gloves, hoisting rope, wind power cable, etc.

Aerospace engineering: Aircraft wing tip component, spacecraft component, buoy of aircraft, aviation cage, spacecraft component, etc.

Marine Fisheries: Commercial fishing net, marine aquaculture net, salvage rope, towing rope, sailing rope, etc.

Outdoor Sports: Climbing rope, parachute rope, sailing rope, kite line, fishing line, helmet, sail round plate, ultra-low-weight aircraft parts, etc.

Biological material: Denture base material, graft and plastic sutures, etc.

Industrial Fields: Pressure container, conveyor belt, filtration material, automobile cushion plate, etc.

Construction: Wall, diaphragm structure, reinforced cement composite material, etc.

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