Cut-Resistant Gloves



Sinty Cut-Resistant Gloves:

Material:Sinty ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHWMPE) fiber and stainless-steel wire.

Size: S\M\L

Color: white, blue, gray, and black.

Cut level: 3~5 level of EN388 standard

Product Performance:

Sinty’s cut-resistant gloves are made of UHMWPE fiber wrapped around steel wire, providing excellent resistance to cutting, abrasions, and tearing. Sinty gloves can protect hands effectively from injury by sharp-edged tools. In addition, the gloves’ material is nontoxic, easy to wear, breathable, and flexible. Users cannot feel or see the steel wire when wearing the gloves.

Cleaning Method:

Scrub the gloves after soaking them in the scrubbing solution liquor. Then, dry them in the sun. The gloves' properties aren’t diminished by multiple washings.


Cut-resistant gloves can protect hands from injury by cutting tools or other sharp objects, not including puncture by a sharp tip or other puncturing device.


Automobile manufacturing, sheet metal processing, tool production, glass cutting and handling, Seiko polishing, blade installation, forge handling, slaughter, security patrol, laboratory protection, and plastic and leather processing.

The service life of Sinty’s cut-resistant gloves is more than 500 times that of ordinary line gloves.

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