Sinty UHMWPE Fiber

  • Low density; the fiber can float on water.
  • High color fastness, up to 4-5 level.
  • Chemical-resistant, UV-resistant.
  • Water-resistant, bacterial-resistant.
  • Extremely high-tenacity and high-modulus.
  • Twice the cooling sensation of regular materials.


Sinty ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber is produced from PE powder with a molecular mass of more than 5 million amu. The fiber offers maximum strength and minimum density because of UHMWPE’s orientation and crystallization. Along with carbon fiber and aramid fiber, it is ranked as one of the world’s top three high-performance fibers, and it has been praised as “the king of the fiber.” A high-modulus polyethylene, UHMWPE balances incredible strength with low density. Additionally, it is very resistant to chemical corrosion, UV light, abrasion, low temperature, and tension fatigue. With applications in many fields, UHMWPE fiber has been welcomed by the market.
Two plies of unidirectional UHMWPE fiber are used as the substrate. Using a high-strength elastomer resin-impregnated adhesive and film bonding, they are then cross-plied by a 90° double orthogonal composite laminated from a unidirectional non-weft fabric. The outward feature is a thin, white slice. The best material for impact resistance is unidirectional, non-interwoven material.
Sinty UD fabric for ballistic resistance results in the following: the fragments formed after the breakage of a projectile bounce off, and the impact energy of bullets is rapidly scattered, quickly decentralizing the impact energy.
Sinty’s cut-resistant gloves are made of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber wrapped with steel wire. They feature strong anti-cutting performance and wear and tear resistance. The gloves effectively protect hands from being cut by the cutting edge of tools or machines. In addition, the material is non-toxic, easy to take on and off, breathable, and flexible to allow fingers to move and bend.
The gloves come in S/M/L sizes, and the following colors: white, blue, gray, black and white. The performance levels are 3-5 according to the EN388 standard performance cut-rating classification.
Ballistic & bulletproof applications for Sinty’s UHMWPE fiber include, but are not limited to, the following:


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