Quality Control



Strict control of raw materials:

Our R&D center provides the technical requirements of raw material. Each batch of raw material is analyzed in the quality inspection department’s lab. The test report is completed after the technical parameters of the material are compared with the previous batch. Only qualified materials are accepted by the quality inspection department and the warehouse department, who cooperate on the decision-making process.

Quality control in the production process:

The workers in every production line must obey operating instructions. Production quality comes first, which we recognize through an established reward and punishment system. Workshop leaders manage the workshop strictly, and QC and leaders of all departments inspect the workshop every day to make sure that all problems are resolved immediately.

Product inspection:

Products are spot checked each day, and the data of daily/weekly/monthly test reports is analyzed. The results of the analysis feed back to production; thus, product quality is improved continually.

After-sales service:

A regular meeting is held every Wednesday to summarize production problems and verify whether the problems have been settled. Then, the production experience is summed up to avoid similar problems. Participants also study customer feedback to prevent future problems.

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